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Low mood is a part of the ups and downs of normal life, but when this low mood persists longer than 2 weeks it can be a sign of depression. The best ways to treat depression are a combination of psychotherapy, exercise, rest and good nutrition. Think right + move right + rest right + eat right  = feeling right as rain !


Anxiety is a normal human response to danger, however often times it is triggered by non-threatening circumstances. It’s a bit like a smoke alarm going off when you make some toast; there is no fire, but the alarm doesn’t know. Similarly, the brain and bodies design hasn’t changed in a few hundred thousand years, and its gets triggered by modern things easily. Counselling helps to re-train the brain and nervous system to be less reactive, so you can be calmer and happier.



Stress is almost unavoidable in our busy modern lives, and sometimes can overwhelm our coping capacities. This can be due a big incident such as losing your job, or excess stress over a prolonged time. Counselling and therapy can help in numerous ways to help you feel calmer and more in control of your life.

feeling stuck

Navigating life can be complex, and sometimes we can drift off course and feel stuck, unsure of which way to go, and paralysed by fear. Unhappy where we are, fearful of change. This is where a guide can help, sometimes referred to as a life coach, helping you to clarify options, set goals , and supporting you to take steps in the right direction.

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